Social media marketing is a very misconstrued thing inside of the marketing world. There are several concepts of social media marketing that you MUST do if you want to effectively drive your customers to your website.

The foundation of your social media marketing starts with having a highly targeted following. You will not get any kind of conversion or user engagement without having customers looking for your service in your location. This is the foundation of ALL marketing and many people get it wrong.


Let's begin...


The Social Media Core Principles


Social media is supposed to consiste of free platforms where you can generate a ton of traffic and customers but it's transitioning away from that.

If you want to have a successful social media business, you must be willing to not only put in the time to build out your profiles but also be willing to spend a few bucks a month to promote them.

Social Profiles Established (The Basics)

The very first thing that you want to do is make sure that you create your base. Your base should consist of all the relevant social media platforms for your specific business. You want to make sure that ALL of them are linked to your website as well.

Example: If I have a photography business, I will establish a Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many more.

While a business that does plumbing will probably only stick to Facebook & Twitter.

Solid Flow of Social Signals


Social signals are such an important part of marketing in 2019. Google has made social signals a core part of their algorithm and separating "fake" businesses from the real one. We have been sending social signals to our backlinks, internal pages, $ pages, homepages, etc...

And.... It's been AMAZING. The results are astonishing.

It's almost as if Google trust you 2-3x as much if you've got the social signal backing with the marketing momentum that you create. This is huge because of the systems and processes that Google has implimented such as the Google Sandbox.

Anyway, Social signals are amazing. Use them! Cheers

Paid Social Advertising


Paid social advertising is such an extremely SIMPLE thing to do...

So, why doesn't everyone do it?

That's the thing. It's so simple that most people just skip over the concepts that convert. So, let's dive into EXACTLY what you need to do in order to have success in paid social advertising.

There are 4 core fundamentals to advertising.

1. The Hook - Make them Pause

Having a good, solid hook is such an important part of advertising. If you can't get someone to stop and have SOME interest then you're just wasting your pennies.

A hook that is very common is "WAIT". Just like when you are writing a story or a book, you want to capture the attention of your audience right at the beginning.

You will convert well if you can get someone to stop scrolling and hesitate for your ad.

2. Emotional Problem to Fix

The next part that is very important is tapping into the emotional issue that they have that you are going to solve.

How much better will they feel with the service that you provide?

Generally speaking, the problems that are urgent are going to provide a very good reaction from your audience. Those are things such as pain. emergency dentist, 24 hour dentist, emergency plumbing, etc...

Every business is solving a problem. So find your emotional problem and show them how much better they will feel when they've received your service.

3. Urgency Through a CTA

Very similar to the last one, urgency is a core part of a successful ad campaign.

Some very popular options of this are today only or a countdown timer. These things are extremely productive and you want to make sure you're implimenting them!

Another example of that is the price reduction strategy. Telling them the price will be going up tomorrow!

4. Aesthetically Pleasing Ads

If you want to have a high quality ad then it's extremely important to make sure that it has HD images & videos.

You want to focus on the things that people want to see. This can include beautiful people (especially women), colorful images & interaction, bright colors that have a feel good sense.

Remember that one time, you saw that website that looked like an arcade? Flashing lights and awful coloring? Don't be that guy... He doesn't convert his ads.

The Perfect Audiences


Audience insights is the most important thing that you can use to find your perfect customer through targeting, interests and geographical location.

Creating the ideal customer audience is massive because you're reducing the amount you need to spend to get a customer!

DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS! It will change your entire ad experience.

You need to study your ideal customers and know the following things:

Who are they?
What do they do?
Why do they do that?
Where are they located?
How do they do that?

When you are able to get inside of the mind of the user, you will have massive success in getting your IDEAL customer to your CTA.

Once you are able to do that, you can create look-alike audiences.

Do your due diligence!



Each one of these things are very important to the process of having a successful ad campaign.

Don't sleep on any of them. In order to be successful with your online business in the social media platform, you don't need to be excessive. Even if it's just a few hundred dollars a month, you will be heavily rewarded if you're being effective in the processes that I have laid out today!

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