Client Success & Case Studies

We have been doing SEO for 9 years now. We in e-commerce and affiliate SEO but found a deep passion for helping businesses grow and decided to put our efforts into helping others.

In February of 2017, we started putting forth a great deal of our resources into the journey of client SEO. We have since taken on 100+ clients and we’re very excited each time we take on a new project.

We don’t do SEO for a pay check. SEO has become something we’re deeply passionate about and it’s hard to find anything as satisfying as taking a business that is struggling and helping them become the authority in their space.

Some of our best friends & relationships have become our clients!

Anyway, let’s get to it. Here is a locksmith client that we took on. They had a few things in place already so our expertise really benefited them at an all time high level. They were doing a few things wrong that we instantly noticed and were able to fix to allow them to get over their obstacles.

locksmith client before we started (highly competitive niche & location)
2 weeks after we started working with the client. Created trust, topical relevancy & location relevancy. All of the traffic is highly targeted.
One month after working with the client. The Backlink/RD discrepancy was just a different URL lookup. The traffic was increased significantly.
A month and a half after we took the client on. As you can see, the ROI that they received was incredibly high.

As you can see, we provide massive results for our clients.

The crazy thing is that we hear the same thing every day. A new company had a bad experience before us with marketing companies. That is why it’s important for us to go above and beyond for our clients and focus 100% on ROI and bringing them jobs!

While we did give this client exceptional results in as little as 2 weeks, every situation is different. The growth that your business has available is going to depend on your location & the demand in your area. SEO does take a bit of time so if you want instant results, we highly recommend doing PPC, FB Ads & SEO.

Client #2

Auto Glass Client

We have a few auto glass replacement clients. We have been able to provide each of them with great results and a lot of new jobs. The market isn’t as competitive but this specific location is very competitive.

They were doing fairly well which allows us to really crush it for them a lot quicker than the newer sites that we touch. ALL results are relative to your business and where you are at. ALL of our clients see results by the end of the 3rd month.

After the first month of working with the client

We absolutely destroyed this market. The best part was that within 2 weeks, the business owner was flooded with calls. This is why we love to do what we do!

After the 2nd month of working with us!

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Google Analytics Screenshots

Here are a few other clients that we have been working with for almost 2 years now. They are both in the same niche where the cost per customer is very high (5 figures).

Within just the first month, we were able to completely crush their market and get them a lot of jobs landed!

A client that didn’t have a ton of search volume in their area. Within 2 months, they were by far the best company in their area for their service.

This client had a much higher demand in their area. We are still seeing growth to this day.

As you can see, we are very good at working with businesses to bring customers to their website.

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