Local Search Engine Optimization

Timpson Marketing specializes in local Search Engine Optimization. We have studied this market for over 9 years and we take pride in being able to have that show through and through for our clients websites! Give us a call today to schedule a consultation to find out if you're a good fit for us and if we're a good fit for you!

Search Engine Marketing

When it comes to Search Engine Marketing, you MUST focus on getting the highest value clicks! We start by analyzing those keywords first and then obtaining them!

Social Media Management

Social Media is one of the best ways to reach your ideal customer! Through social likes, shares & social ads, we can create highly targeted traffic for you and your business!

Pay Per Click

Pay per click is a very dependable way to get your perfect customers. When we do a PPC campaign, we focus on getting the best ROI for you and your business using both your money keywords and your LSI keywords.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Being able to convert your traffic to customers is a very significant thing that we focus on for each and every client that we take on. Do NOT be one of the people who skip this!

Click Through Rate

Timpson Marketing spends a great deal of time focusing on CTR. Before we can even begin to rank your website and drive traffic through it, we must be able to convert the traffic to customers at a high rate.

Bounce Rate

The first 2/3's of your page is the most important part of your entire website. You MUST be able to convert your targeted traffic to a lead at a very high percentage. We want the bounce rate below 45%.

Website Audit

When you request a website audit, we go through and break down some of the things about your website(s) that you can improve on in order to rank better, get more traffic to your site and essentially make more money. It has become a core part of the work we do on a daily basis and has proven to provide massive value for our customers.

Strategy Session

If you're interested in potentially becoming a client of ours, schedule a strategy session now!

We line out specifically what we'll do for you on a month-to-month basis to maximize your results.

Marketing Consultation

We offer marketing consultations for any customers that want to learn marketing for their business themselves. We focus on white hat strategies to ensure that Google loves every bit of the work that we produce, which is extremely important when you get into PPC, HSA, SEO & all of the other avenues of generating traffic out there!

Request A Strategy Session

We use the strategy session as a method to map out a plan with you to get you ahead of your competitors. We KNOW that you will love working with us so it's very important to make sure that you are a good fit for us before we proceed!