What is GEO Relevancy?

Geo relevancy consists of two different things…

  1. Location Relevancy
  2. Topical Relevancy

What are these things and why do we even care about this?

In local SEO, your main keywords are going to ALWAYS consist of 2 different things. The first thing is your location and the second thing is the service that you provide.

An example of this would be a plumber in Las Vegas. The keywords for that business would be:

Las Vegas plumbing, Las Vegas plumbers, plumbing Las Vegas NV, plumbing in Las Vegas, plumbers in Las Vegas, and many more….

It is important to create GEO relevancy because you are doing 2 things at once. You’re establishing with Google that you are relevant for not only your topic (niche) but also for your location.

Effectively executing this process will allow Google to give you free reign and remove almost 100% of the early restrictions that we see with a lot of our clients when we begin working with them!

We are able to execute this through creating a lot of noise locally for your services in your area. When Google sees ALL of this traction from other websites, they know you’re not just a spammy site and you gain a great amount of trust with them.

Please feel free to comment below with any questions. I’ve been studying the topic of Local SEO for many years and I am very passionate about it!

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